Getting started – it’s the hardest part…

I quit my day job (oh, yes, I did!).  I’ve had meetings with a business coach at my local Women’s Business Center.  The “bones” have been set up for my Etsy shop, I’ve gotten my business license, written my business plan (ok, I still have to finish the financial portion of it – you’d think that would be easy since there’s really not much to it), and the list goes on.  All that has been hard, BUT I have not jumped in feet first into working on my blog…until today.  It’s time.

I lay down at night and have all these ideas for posts.  I have a vision of how I want it to look, but I’m not sure how to get there.

So, today I’ve decided to make my first post.  Not much to it, but let’s get rolling.  I want to post tutorials for sewing and DIY, tips for decorating and making your home more functional, more comfortable and more you.  I have a few recipes up my sleeve and maybe a few stories of life in our modern classic home.  I have an adult daughter, two teenagers and a neurotic dog.  I promise not to bring out the family slideshow to send you over the edge, but I do want you to get to know me and I want to get to know you, too.

Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on what got my started on this journey…starts with a “P”!  Until then….